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Jonathan Pierini is an italian artist really under lights of best emergent talent in the market

Jonathan Pierini was born in italy in 1983. After years of exhibitions worldwide his work has globally started to be recognized.  The Florence based artist and his unique and captivating drawing style and mixed media art has brought her to the attention of some of the world’s leading galleries. This includes art shows with Holy Art Galley, Contemporary Art Curator Gallery, The Other Art Fair.

Jonathan expanded her creation into the web3 realm, debuting her first NFT collection with M.A.D.D. Gallery.  The digital innovations offer an additional dimension to his work and have been much sort after by art collectors.

Her distinctive style is recognized for it’s evocative and philosophical musings on our mind, and for his obessive focused on foot shape. His artworks are basically a critic to our contemporary times with a deep eye on the sexual desires and maniacal behaviors which involve many of today's world relationships as per the more freedon we have gained the less free we seem to be.  

Past Expo:

Holy art gallery, London (UK)

Holy art Fair, London (UK)

M.A.D.D Gallery, Metaverse NFT

Crisolart gallery, Barcellona (Spain)

Crisolart Gallery, New York (US)

Falzone Gallery, Carrousell du Louvre (France)

Falzone Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

M3 Art Fair, Marseille (France)

Museo MIIT, Venice (Italy)

Galleria Mentana, Florence (Italy)

Biennale Florence, (Italy)

Jumirah Gallery, Mumbai (India)

Contemporary art curator (winning price for best emergent artist)

Coming next:

The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn (US)

Chateau d'Orquevax, Provance (France)


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